See What Our Clients Have to Say

At First Truth Law, we love hearing from our clients about their experiences working with us.  Here are some of the things people say.

“Excellent service.  Lauren was easy to talk to during this emotional time in our life.  She ‘gets it’ with understanding.  Lauren was so kind to our family.  We will always remember her fondly.”

The Weddle Family, Floyd, VA

“Lauren made us feel so comfortable.  We had never been in a situation such as this and she was so kind to us and took the extra time we needed to explain the process, etc. In the midst of my husband’s cancer she was so sensitive to our time and our emotions.  She is a fantastic lawyer and fantastic person who truly cares about others.”

“She is not focused on her agenda but will truly guide you and spend time with you. She makes you feel comfortable and never treats you like your case is too small.  If it impacts your life, she cares enough to listen to you.  She is there for you and provides guidance you can trust.”

“I appreciated the guidance and preparation.  I was able to 100% trust my lawyer in this process while focusing on spending time God gave me and my husband during his cancer treatment.”

-D. White

“Lauren is a compassionate caring Attorney. She worked hard on my case. Although she has a gentle and caring side for her clients, she doesn’t lack in the strength needed to win a case. I was very satisfied with my settlement. The settlement was achieved 6 months earlier than expected without going to trial. She thought out of the box to get the best settlement for me.”

-Anonymous Client (from Avvo)

“I was referred to Lauren by a mutual friend who is also a lawyer – because of her specialty. Unfortunately, I was involved in a medical situation that went undiagnosed by the same doctor for over seven years. Although not life threatening, the situation turned out to be life altering. Before I could put it all behind me, I needed to answer the question of whether the original doctor should have any financial responsibility for the situation. Lauren did a thorough review and ultimately recommended that I not pursue legal action. Through it all, she was respectful, responsive, and realistic. She clearly and accurately explained all out of pocket expenses related to multiple request for records. She helped me understand that the medical system and the legal system can view the same situation very differently – as wrong as that may seem. She made a difficult situation as pleasant as possible. I recommend her without reservation.”

-Anonymous Potential Client (from Avvo)

“I recently hired Lauren to serve as my legal representative in a complex medical malpractice case. Although I was initially anxious about this process I was immediately impressed and put at ease by Lauren’s knowledge, demeanor, and overall professionalism.”

“I had numerous meetings and interactions with her and she was consistently on top of things; she came very well-prepared and understood the intricacies of my case. Many times she seemed to possess a better understanding than my own concerning the medical complexities of this case and the overall implications to my health. She put together a solid and effective overall strategy for the prosecution of my case and she was very organized and smart in maintaining its integrity and momentum. In depositions she was fair but firm with medical practitioners and was very adept in obtaining any and all necessary information. I have no doubt that Lauren’s expertise in planning and implementing my case led to it being successfully settled out of court.”

“Lauren is bright, talented, and impressive. Her skills and expertise gave me confidence and quickly put me at ease during a stressful situation; I’ve always felt quite fortunate that she represented me. If I’m ever in a position to again require legal representation I would not hesitate to hire Lauren.”

-John (from Avvo)

Ms. Lauren Davis is amazing, to say the least. Her kindness, attentiveness and rapport made me feel so comfortable. She is professional, extremely proficient and kept me “in the loop” throughout the entire process. Highly recommend!

-Bobbie Jo Hurt, Elliston, VA

A permanent disability from a medical error or omission is life changing. A big part of who I am – my ability to speak, my timing for humor, even my performance as a professional working woman- has been compromised. But the ME is the same. I’m intelligent, I’m capable and I understand what is happening to me, even if my mouth  and brain are not cooperating.  Lauren Davis saw ME.  Lauren recognized me for who I used to be , and who I might be again. Despite my injury, Lauren respected that as a medical professional myself, I actually understood the care that I was and wasn’t given, and I had legitimate, evidence based reasons for my complaint. Lauren was patient with my awkward communication while being robust and valiant in pursuit of the law, both in word and spirit.

Of course, First Truth Law answered emails and phone calls promptly. Of course, Lauren advised me to the law and advocated for my rights. Obviously, she collected evidence, consulted experts and interviewed witnesses.  More importantly,  Lauren also hears ME even when others can not.

My case has not yet gone to trial, but I have learned that it is not about the flashy billboards promising you millions if you just call now. It is about the process. No matter what the outcome, my opinion of Lauren Davis and First Truth Law remains the same:  She is competent and compassionate while respecting my independence and dignity.

First Truth Law will see and hear YOU.

Judy Donelli, Fancy Gap, VA

“Lauren is the most compassionate, honest attorney that I have ever dealt with. She was always there for my family during our unfortunate ordeal with the death of my mother.”

-Joanne Palmer

“I have known Lauren for several years. We use to be neighbors and worked together in our HOA. Lauren was instrumental in guiding us through the HOA bylaws. Recently I reached out to her for guidance after my mother passed away. Lauren was able to help me and referred me to an estate attorney. Lauren’s knowledge and recommendation was a perfect fit for my situation. I have recommended people to First Truth Law because I know Lauren is a competent compassionate individual.”

-Amy, Hardy, VA

“I first met Lauren when my sister died unexpectedly. She was very personable, very understanding of all the family members. Lauren was always honest, Compassionate, responsive. Lauren led us through a tragic experience. Unfortunately several years later another family member suffered a tragic injury. I sent Lauren a text on a Saturday morning and she didn’t text me back… She called me, right away! I wasn’t sure that she would remember me but when I answered the phone. the first thing she said was “of course I remember you” Not only is she supporting the family legally but she is also a wonderful support system. Not only is Lauren a great lawyer but she is also a great person!”

-Stephanie Bishop

“Lauren is intelligent, passionate, and empathetic. She is a true professional who will fight for you and ensure that your voice is heard. She is absolutely someone you can trust to advocate for you.”

-Heather Price

“Lauren was wonderful to work with. She was very patient and compassionate through the entire process and was always careful about making sure we were both on the same page. I’ve worked with numerous lawyers and can say that Lauren and First Truth Law hold all of the values that are most important to me when hiring a lawyer. Thanks again Lauren!”

-Jared Kimball

“Lauren Davis is an attorney who truly works for you! She extensively researches the details of your case and will demonstrate a working knowledge of all case aspects when she represents you in the courtroom. She left no stone unturned in our case and she successfully negotiated a settlement for our family. We will forever be grateful for her search for the truth. First Truth Law is the firm you want for your case!”

-Janet Conner

“I struggled for a while through a situation and had almost no hope, like I thought I was going to be stuck forever. Lauren has many gifts, and her ability to deeply listen and sit with me in a vulnerable space offered me exactly what I needed at the time, connection. She helped me identify my core values and gain back what I can control which improved my wellness. Lauren’s compassion, empathy, knowledge, experience and creativity allowed me to overcome my fear of judgement and feel heard. With my whole heart I write this as a genuine appreciation of Lauren and I feel confident in my ability to move forward, Lauren rocks!”

-Frankie Vincent

“Lauren and her team are wonderful to work with, truly caring people that looks out for there clients. Bernadine is a lovely person that we could really connect with and understanding.. It has been a pleasure working with First Truth law!”

-Melvin Seay

“Lauren Davis is a professional, competent attorney. She’s easy to get in touch with, responsive, easy to talk to, caring, and very prepared in court. I enjoyed working with her and would definitely use her services again!”

-F. E.

“First Truth Law is a very professional and passionate firm. I refer all my family and any associate in time of need to Lauren and her team. Wouldn’t trust anyone else but the First Truth Law team.”

-Alpha Victor, Virginia Beach, VA

“Spoke with Bernadine to give my possible case information. She was knowledgeable and knew exactly what information was needed for the lawyer. Aside from the formalities, she went way above and beyond her job responsibilities in helping me feel comfortable in relaying not so nice events that led to my need of a lawyer. I have been in such duress over my case that I truly feel Bernadine was an answer to my prayers.”

-Penny Greene, Gainesville, VA

“Mrs.Davis was a wonderful lawyer for and my family. She showed compassion in my needs and my health concerns, she was always available to speak with me about any questions that I might had. And she an Angel no other way to describe her.”

-Ayanna Jones, New Alexandria, VA

“Both Bernadine and Lauren were exceptionally helpful and compassionate when it came to our needs. I couldn’t have asked for a better team to help with our issue.”

-Verne Baker, Roanoke, VA

What Other People Say

“Why do I refer cases to Lauren? I like for my clients to win.  I have Lauren on speed dial!”

-Beverly McDonald Davis, Esq., Radford, VA

“I know how hard Lauren works and she takes care of my clients.”

“Lauren’s responsiveness to my questions and keeping clients informed is outstanding.”

-R. Andrew Davis, Esq., Bedford, VA

“Lauren is a compassionate and knowledgeable attorney dedicated to providing the best advice available for her clients. I repeatedly recommend her to my clients, family and friends with problems in the area of medical malpractice and she has always delivered.”

-B. Leigh Drewry, Esq., Lynchburg, VA

“Lauren is the rare lawyer who combines intellect, judgment and common sense in one package. And she does it professionally and with collegiality.”

Opposing Government Attorney (from Martindale-Hubbell)

“I have handled a number of cases against Lauren. She is a worthy, skilled and tenacious adversary.”

Opposing Attorney (from Martindale-Hubbell)

“Lauren Davis is an outstanding and compassionate attorney. As a nursing home abuse attorney for almost a quarter of a century I will testify that she is among the very best that I have encountered. She is smart, empathetic, strategic and relentless in her pursuit of justice for her clients. Lauren is an elite litigator yet she still consistently pursues growth by constantly honing her skills. I would recommend Lauren to my closest family members. She is second to none.”

-Joe Musso, Esq., Ashburn, VA

“As a fellow attorney, I can confidently say that Lauren is a tremendous attorney for those in need. I never hesitate to reach out to her to get her thoughts on matters and it would be hard for me to think of a better person to turn to.”

-Kevin T. Hadden, Esq., Harrisonburg, VA

“Lauren Davis skillfully navigates every aspect of her cases to ensure that her client’s goals are achieved in a prompt and professional manner from start to finish. Lauren takes the time to hear, understand and meet the needs of her clients. Lauren is very experienced, knowledgeable and respected in the legal community.”

-Heather Howard, Esq., Abingdon, VA

“I have been so impressed with results and the professionalism of Lauren Davis. As an attorney, I know a handful of people that I will call when I’m looking for advice. Lauren is on the top of that list. And, when you call, you can tell instantly that Bernadine loves where she works and what she does. That makes all the difference in the world.”

-Brandon Osterbind, Esq., Lynchburg, VA

“Those of us who work on behalf of injured clients need compassion and tenacity. Clients often come to us having been let down by someone in the medical profession, so the last thing they need is to be let down by their legal team–it’s important they hear the truth. I have worked with Lauren as a medical researcher and regard her as a truth seeker and a truth teller. She has proven herself to be diligent and conscientious in preparing complex medical negligence matters on her clients’ behalf.”

-Mary Ellen Rimkus, Medical-Legal Research & Consulting

“Lauren Davis is a wonderful lawyer. She is diligent, very effective and cares for her clients. I’ve had the pleasure of working with her for years, and I look forward to working with her in the future and witnessing her accomplishments for her clients.”

-Terris Ferris, Court Reporter, Roanoke, VA

“Lauren is a great attorney and a true professional. As a lawyer, I have had the opportunity to work alongside Lauren and to refer folks to her for assistance, with the knowledge that she will take the time to understand their individual situation and work through the process with them.”

-Christen Church, Esq., Roanoke, VA.

“As a defense attorney, I have been on the opposite side of cases from Lauren Davis. I can share that she is a dedicated advocate and hard worker for her clients. She is always prepared and is a true professional.”

-Opposing Attorney (from Frith Anderson & Peake)

“I have worked with Lauren Davis for several years on a complex case and she has been nothing short of excellent in her knowledge, professionalism and communication skills. I highly recommend her and her firm.”

-Ara Avirgian, Esq., Philadelphia, PA

“Working with Lauren on several cases, she has consistently shown extraordinary personal care for clients. She goes out of her way to truly understand and address the clients’ needs, both present and future. She is an excellent advocate for victims of catastrophic injuries or death.”

-Gary Blankenship, Atlantic Settlements, Inc.